Transformation Coach

While regular life coaching can help you reach a goal or change a habit, transformation coaching is about life change and reaching a higher level of awareness, empowerment and happiness -  personally, professionally and spiritually. By being able to accurately tune into your energy, see the bigger picture of your life and working with a variety of techniques, I can help you achieve your goals and desires.


Speaker I Author I Teacher I Coach I Mentor

I am passionate about helping people unlock potential and create solutions. From the back nine of major championships to the meeting rooms of major corporations, I use my decades of competitive golf experience to deliver programs that inspire, challenge, and teach individuals and corporations to improve performance. My audiences consist of a wide range of companies in the financial sector, insurance, sales, athletic arena, technology, and manufacturing.

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Christine Reeb - Nutrition Concepts

Certified Empowerment Coach

Christine Reeb MBA, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian with more than 20 years specializing in Weight Management, Women's Health, Sports Nutrition, and Corporate Wellness. She is an expert in educating and counseling clients on their personal nutrition concerns and helping them manage their health-related issues and reach their goals. 

Christine is also the owner of Nutrition Concepts, where she offers medical nutrition therapy (MNT) services for the promotion of health and disease prevention.

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Jean Filipiak - APA Woman Up.png

Executive Coach and Talent Specialist

I am the Managing Partner and Vice President of the brain-based recruiting and consulting firm, APA Solutions & the revolutionary career coaching company, Career Reform. What do I mean by brain-based? Simply put, it is the purposeful engagement of strategies that apply to how our brain works in the context of recruitment, retention & development. I am passionate about certifying and training HR and Hiring leaders in the TTI DISC behavioral language and Driving Forces. Reach yours and your organization’s potential and contact me regarding how to get a complimentary assessment and debrief.

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Creativity Coach | Marketing Consultant | Online Educator

Everyone has a dream; a gift they were born to share. Whether it be a hobby, a forte or an idea that can change the world…it calls to you. But sometimes, the path to discovery isn’t as clear as you expected it to be. And that’s no fun at all!

It’s time to own your talents and design a life that you can call “home”. From starting a business to pursuing your passions to finding your unique calling in life — or all of the mentioned! — let’s work together to gain the clarity, confidence and creativity you need to #beunlimited.

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Wendy Sanacore - Empowered Woman.png


Certified Empowerment Coach

Wendy Sanacore is a certified wellness and life coach, specializing in empowering women of all ages to be their best self in all aspects of life. She focuses on personal positivity, growth, and transformation. Wendy earned her life coaching degree from Health Coach Institute and was immediately called to share this gift with other women by showing them how self-transformation can happen in small, non-intimidating steps and that growth can transpire with the smallest of mindset shifts.

Wendy is also the producer and host of the podcast "Empowered Woman" on all major podcast applications and she is the owner of the brand, Empowered Woman.

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Linda Bucher Coach.jpg


Linda Bucher is a Master Certified Life Coach and Business Mentor who helps enthusiastic go-getters to unleash their bigness so they can better the world. Known as the "Clarity and Confidence Coach," Linda believes that everything you need to be successful in life and business is inside of you, waiting to be revealed. The secret to finding purpose and success is to Get Clear, Get Confident and Go Big!™

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Ellen Weiss - Coach

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Health coaching is more than diet supervision. It looks at the whole person in order gain optimal wellness, such as food, exercise, sleep, stress, spirituality, and personal relationships.

Ellen Weiss is certified as an Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  In addition, She is a certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador. She is currently working on her online “Focus on Healthy Eating” program that will include personal health coaching. Stay tuned for more information!

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