4 Reasons to Monitor Your Protein Intake

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So you have your calories set for your nutrition plan and upon review of your food record, you notice that your carbs and fat are topping out the calories in your daily diet. A bell goes off in your head that reminds you protein is just as important as the other macronutrients. If you are asking yourself “WHY” do I need to balance this (because you secretly LOVE those higher carb and higher fat foods)….here’s 4 reasons WHY….

Protein increases your energy expenditure

In other words, the TEF, the Thermic Effect of Food, is part of your metabolism where your body uses energy to break down the food into smaller, more absorbable components. Protein has a high TEF compared to carbs and fats so this means that your body is burning more calories during the digestions process therefore improving your metabolism without any extra work from you.

Protein builds muscle

When you lose weight, you tend to lose muscle mass…and this is a side effect that most people do not want. We want to look lean and fit, not “skinny fat.” Consuming enough protein in your diet helps develop the stuff UNDER the layer of fat that is already there AND it prevents your metabolism from slowing down. A win-win situation!

Protein reduces our appetite and allows us to eat fewer calories throughout the day

The bottom line is that eating more protein reduces our hunger and appetite. The protein creates a satiety that encourages us NOT to reach for more food throughout the day. It controls the urges we feel to snack and decreases our cravings to snack later at night.

Protein comes in different forms

This is great news when it comes time to consuming all the protein we need. Protein sources can be found in animal products (meat), grains, and supplements (protein powders). You have a variety of choices to choose from so there is never an excuse that you can’t get enough protein in your diet.

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