Episode #001: The Story of SheCAN!

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Welcome to The SheCAN! Podcast, a show that has been created for women who are looking to step into their power and looking to become the BEST version of yourself, personally and professionally.

For our first episode, Peggy Sullivan (founder and CEO of SheCAN!) shares with listeners her story about how she went from a time of constant challenges to developing SheCAN!. She also shares how her father has served as the key motivator in not only improving herself, but providing other women the tools they need to become their personal and professional best.

Tune in as Peggy shares how SheCAN! came to light and the organization’s overall purpose.

The key takeaways from our first episode are:

  • Everyone has goals — and lots of them: work/life balance, fitness, healthy living and stress management.

  • The importance of self-improvement and learning.

  • The personal and professional development avenues that can help you reach your objectives: mentoring programs, online modules and workshops. There is something for everyone!

  • The importance of meeting other women who are also working towards goals and want to see other women succeed.

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