Episode #002: The First Step to a Healthy Lifestyle with Christine Reeb


Finding your “why” (your inner-motivation) is critical to your success in anything, and that includes feeling good in your body. Listen to episode #002 of The SheCAN! Podcast with Christine Reeb (owner of Nutrition Concepts and SheCAN! live event presenter), as she gives our listeners a pep-talk on how to jump-start your healthy lifestyle -- and stick with it. Christine gives us relatable details of her own personal story; how she finally turned the corner to find not only a healthy weight but a sense of happiness, pride, and self-confidence.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Health, and feeling healthy, are not a number on a scale.

  • Women of different ages and stages will need different plans for their weight loss journey - and that’s ok!

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day (it takes 66 days to break a habit).

  • Starting fresh with others can help you let go of your past diet history.

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