SheCAN! Spotlight: Wendy Sanacore

Introducing the newest member of the SheCAN! Steering Committee, Wendy Sanacore.

Wendy Sanacore is a certified wellness and life coach, specializing in empowering women of all ages to be their best self in all aspects of life. She focuses on personal positivity, growth, and transformation. Wendy earned her life coaching degree from Health Coach Institute and was immediately called to share this gift with other women by showing them how self-transformation can happen in small, non-intimidating steps and that growth can transpire with the smallest of mindset shifts.

Wendy is also the producer and host of the podcast "Empowered Woman" on all major podcast applications and she is the owner of the brand, Empowered Woman. She is honored to be a part of the SheCan! movement and helping women of all ages become and stay empowered.

Welcome to SheCAN!, Wendy!

Connect with Wendy below:

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